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What You will Learn From This Course

Learn How to Study, Different Study Habits, and Proven Study Methods and Strategies in a Single Popular Online Course.

Importance of Study
By Completing their Academic Career Successfully and Earning Good Grades, Students will Learn what Benefits they can Enjoy.
Common Pitfalls
In this Module, Students will come to know some Indications that will describe that Students have some Poor Study Habits.
Know Your Learning Style
Students will be able to Distinguish their particular Learning style, By conducting a SWOT Analysis of their Own Specific Skill Set.
Know Your Exam Pattern
Students would be able to Recognise the format of the Exam and the Style of the Questions after Learning this Module.
Effective Study Tips
In this Module, Students will Learn the Precise Study Techniques that, when used, will Increase their Productivity in terms of Study Coverage.
Effective Reading Techniques
In this Session,We Demonstrated to the Students How to Enhance the Efficacy of their Reading.
Effective Notes Taking Techniques
We Teach Our Students a Tried-and-True Strategy for Taking Notes that Relieves them from the Need to Remember Lengthy Answers.
Effective Memorising Techniques
In Order to Avoid Cramming and Memorise Information more Effectively, Students will Master a Variety of Memory Techniques.
Effective Answer Writing Skills
In this Module, Students will Learn about Top Performers and Tested Answer Writing Styles that they can use to Improve their Representational Skills.
Digital Adoption for Study
Through this Module, We give our Students access to a Variety of Digital Resources, which they can use to their Benefit to Study more Efficiently.
Several Tips for Exam Season
We Provide Our Students some Tips on How to Stay Healthy, be Mentally Prepared, Get more Sleep, and Stop Thinking Negatively at Exam Time & Many More.
Farewell & Coach Message
In this Module, You will get some Valuable Tips, Motivation as a Message which will Helps you to Become a Successful Student.

Let Me Introduce You to Your Coach!

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Who May Enroll in This Course ?

Any Student who lacks Confidence in studying in General.

Any Students who want to Know More about How to Study ?

Any Students who Feel the Need to Improve their Study Habits.

Any School or Tuition Teacher can also Enrol in this Course.

College Students who Feel the Need to Improve their Study Habits.

And Anybody who Thinks this Course will be Useful to Them.

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Primary Course

Learn How to Set An Academic Goals :-

Setting their Ultimate Academic Goal will Help Students Understand why they should Study

Symptoms of Poor Study Habits :-

Learn some Indicators of Poor Study Habits Among Students

Know Your Learning Style :-

Students will Identify Their Unique Learning Style
Primary Course

Understand Your Exam Pattern :-

You will become Entirely Familiar with Your Exam Format

Some Important Study Tips :-

Learn the Precise Study Techniques that will Increase Your Productivity

Learn How to Read Effectively :-

Students will Pick up Excellent Reading and Input Techniques
Primary Course

Learn How to Take Notes :

The Value of Taking Notes and How to do so will be Taught to the Students

Learn to Effectively Memorize :-

Learn Various Memory Tricks that will Help You Retain Material More Effectively

Learn to Write Effective Answers :-

Learn the Most Effective and Tried Answer Writing Techniques

You have Spent so much Money to Learn what to Study. Now Invest a Little Right Now to Learn How to Study !

Limited Time Offer for First 1000 Students’ Only !  

Instead of Paying Rs. 699 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at  Just Rs. 999 / – Only !

Specially Designed For Students

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What Are the Opinions of Our Students About Our Courses?

When I was Studying, I came across Several Issues for which I had no idea where to get the Solutions. I later came across The Study Habits Mastery Course. I find the Answers I Need Thanks to Its Extensive Information, Clear Language, and Covering of every Element of Learning. Thanks!

Ankita Joshi - HSC

I Initially thought I had been cheated because of the quality of the content I had Assumed, But after Carefully Listening to each Sentence, I Discovered New ways to Solve the Study Problems I faced on a daily basis while Studying. I consider Myself fortunate to have received this Course at Precisely the Right Time. Thanks ! And keep Updating Me for Upcoming Courses.

Monish Pachlore - SY

I usually watched YouTube videos for these Topics, But their Vast Selection was open and there was No Hierarchy I could follow to Learn every aspect of Studying. But here I got step-by-step Clarity on every Topic in a Simpler way. I think this is really a First Course of its Kind. Thanks Sir for making such a Big Course on such an Important topic for the Students like Us.

Deval Das - SSC

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Limited Time Offer for First 1000 Students’ Only !  

Instead of Paying Rs. 699 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at  Just Rs. 999 / – Only !