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Introducing The First Ever Online Course Of Its Kind to Learn Goal Setting for Academic, Personal & Professional Growth!

Academic goals are like life goals they give you direction and
help you focus on your ambitions.

Specially Designed For Students

Limited Time Offer for First 1000 Students’ Only !  

Instead of Paying Rs. 499 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at  Just Rs. 999 / – Only !

You Need to Know What Your Goals are in Order to Pursue Them.

Students who have Goals can more Effectively Manage their Time and Resources and Find Inspiration when they might otherwise feel like giving up. Goals Help Students Focus on the path to a Set of Pre-determined Achievements.

 In terms of Academic Performance, Goals Help Students go forward by holding them Accountable for their own Accomplishments and Failures and Helping them Break down a Bigger Purpose into a series of Smaller Goals. In addition, Students who Establish and Achieve Goals Experience Accomplishment and Confidence, which Boosts their Self-Esteem and Productivity.

What You will Learn From This Course

What are academic goals?
They're like Mile Markers on Your Journey as a Learner. You need Specific Academic Goals so that You can Measure Your Progress and Success.
Why do we need academic goals?
Academic Goals Help You set Coursework and Exam Plans, Get Motivated, and Keep Track of How well You're doing.
How can I develop Academic Goals?
In this Module Students will Know the various Actions they might take to Develop their Academic Goals.
The importance of defining your academic goals.
In this Module Students will Learn the Importance of Setting Academic Goals for Themselves.
What are the different types of goals?
In This Module, Students will be Introduced to Different Types of Goals and How to Set them as per their Priorities.
The Benefits of Goal Setting
In this Session, Students will come to know what are the Benefits they would Get in their Academic , Personal and Professional Career.
Learn 5 Qualities of Effective Goals
If Goals aren’t Reachable, They aren’t Worth Making. Learn How to Set Realistic Goals by following the SMART Goal Guidelines.
Find out what Self-Talk Helps You Accomplish Your Goals.
Learn about Positive Self-Talk that Directs and Encourages you to Reach Your Goals. Also Learn How to deal with the Negative One
Learn How to Become Skilled in Goal Formulation?
Learn How to Develop a Goal-Oriented Attitude by Adding New Habits and Eliminating Old Ones.
Let's be aware of some reasons why goals fail.
The Reasons Why some People are unable to Accomplish their Goals will be discussed with the Students in this Lesson.
Learn Six Fear Syndromes That Keep You From Achieving Your Goal.
In this Module, Students will be Introduced to Fear Syndromes and others that Stop You from Adopting Goal-Setting Mindsets.
Know the Types of Roadblocks and Learn How to Overcome Them.
In this session, Students will come to know what are the Roadblocks they could face in their Goal path & Also Learn How to deal with Them.

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Limited Time Offer for First 1000 Students’ Only !  

Instead of Paying Rs. 499 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at  Just Rs. 999 / – Only !

Who May Enroll in This Course ?

Any Secondary School Student from Std. 7th and above can Enroll to this Course

Any Students from State Board, CBSE, Convent, Semi-English, Hindi or Marathi Medium

Any College Student who wants to Learn more about Academic Goal Setting

Any School or Tuition Teacher can also Enroll in this Course

Any Professional, Self-Employed, who wants to Learn about Goal Setting

And Anybody who Thinks this Course will be Useful to Them they also can Enroll

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If you are a parent or a student, Professional, Businessman, or Self Employed this specially designed course is for you.

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Specially Designed For Students

Limited Time Offer for First 1000 Students’ Only !  

Instead of Paying Rs. 499 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at  Just Rs. 999 / – Only !

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What Are the Opinions of Our Students About Our Course ?

Academic Goal Setting Course is one of the Best things I have Invested in for My Children's. The Knowledge and Skills I have Gained from this Course are Invaluable. The Course is very well laid out, Simple and Concise Language and the Pace is Slow, which Helped Me Absorb everything.Thanks!

Srushti Chandel - SSC

I was hesitant to purchase this course because I didn't want to spend a lot of money and not get anything out of it. I am so glad that I did! The content is well worth the low cost and there are tons of videos and audio that you can use for your studies. It's very easy for me to follow along with the instructor, who speaks clearly and in a friendly manner.

Parth Sachdev - HSC

I needed a course with a lot of content and low cost, that I could listen to in the car. I created a course on my own, but it took up too much time and was not as educational. The Academic Goal Setting Course was what I was looking for. It takes you step-by-step through different skills and aspects of academic life,

Manav Kalyankar - SY

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Instead of Paying Rs 499 /- for One Course, Buy 5 Popular Courses at Just Rs. 999 /- For Limited Time Only !